Bobryshev pleased with Dutch Championship win

Honda World Motocross racer Evgeny Bobryshev won the Dutch MX1 Championship at the weekend, despite missing one round, after going 3-1 at the final event of the series on Sunday. Although it's been an incredibly tough season, Bobryshev’s form has improved in recent months and to finish the year off the 25-year-old Russian was pleased to take the Dutch title that has eluded him since his first attempt in 2005.

Bobryshev lost the championship, which he uses to help with his physical training for the Grand Prix series, at the final round last year, and although he missed one of the six rounds this season due to injury, he took the title with five moto wins and four podiums including three overalls. In the opening race on Sunday Bobryshev had a bad start and came through to third, with it being a tough track and difficult to make passes, followed by a dominating win by around 30 seconds in the second race. This domestic championship title follows on from his last national win in the British MX1 Championship in 2010.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777:

“I have been doing the ONK Dutch championship for many years, in fact since 2005 when I raced for a Dutch team. I’ve been second and third in MX2 many times, and when I got to MX1 I missed some races. I didn’t contest the Dutch series in 2010, and I did only a few in 2011. In 2012 I was leading the championship until the last race, where I had a bad crash and I lost the championship, which was really disappointing. This year I finally took the title win, even though I missed a round and only went 7-7 in the following event because of my leg injury. Although it’s mostly for Grand Prix preparation, especially as I enjoy going there in the sand, it’s hard work with it being so rough and it is also good to have some wins under the belt. The main thing for me is that it is good for physical condition, but a lot less pressure than our usual races, and that makes it fun. It’s been a tough season, but to take good results towards the end of the year and to win this championship is really positive for me.”



World Championship

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2 Clement Desalle

3 Jeremy van Horebeek

4 Max Nagl
5 Gautier Paulin

6 Kevin Strijbos

7 Todd Waters

8 Evgeny Bobryshev 
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