Day of unfulfilled promise for Team HRC in Bulgaria

Evgeny Bobryshev didn’t fair much better either, as although he rode to seventh overall in race one, he was forced to retire from race two after crash damage to his CRF450RW.

Evgeny Bobryshev, No.777

"Yesterday things were fine but still I was suffering with my back injury from Arco. In the first race I was too stiff with my back. I couldn’t have my balance on this type of track because of the deep ruts and long corners where you have to use your body a lot. Unfortunately I lost sixth position in the last lap because I was stiff and made some stupid mistakes. The second race was worse because on the first lap somebody jumped into my back and then I crash and my throttle got a bit stuck from the mud. I could still use it, but then one moment it was too stuck and I couldn’t bring it back so I jumped too far and then crashed again. My throttle was then completely broken so I have to pull out. It’s really bad for me, but I hope these next two weeks my pain gets better. I will work hard to come back in Valkenswaard in good shape with no pain."


Roger Harvey, HRC General Manager – MXGP

"A difficult, difficult weekend. Max’s win in qualifying yesterday was good and we expected that to run into today. When you have someone crash in front of you though there’s nothing you can do. Max just got tangled up with riders several times and then got taken out on the last lap of race two, which really just capped the day off. The rain came for the second race and the conditions caught a lot of people out. Bobby went down very early on. He just lost it in the slippery conditions like a lot of riders did, and then had to pit with damage to the bike. Really, the only positives are that the pace was there yesterday and we’ve shown that we can do it, and that the riders weren’t injured. We’ve just got to go away and learn what we can from it and come back next time."


World Championship

1 Antonio Cairoli
2 Clement Desalle

3 Jeremy van Horebeek

4 Max Nagl
5 Gautier Paulin

6 Kevin Strijbos

7 Todd Waters

8 Evgeny Bobryshev 
9 Joel Roelants

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